On the island of love I feel lost in wilderness Of everlasting happiness. Stranded. Amidst shrubs and torns That prick reminders of my flaws I feel the guilt of Adam in Eden. Shaken: I feel the branches of Everest trees Pointing cold fingers of blame At my lame plea for forgiveness. In doubt, Do […]

*Few Falls*

  The sun peeps Spreading glimpses of hope Love speaks The blind gain not from both. Take a step Fall deep down the drains. The hurt Is a mirror of your gains. Console The heart is heavy Control The cries repel tragedy. Bruises hold tales of success. Few falls are steps.Take the next. ¬©Lansah Lawrence […]

*Cold Winds*

When all cool winds blow down the south Cracking northen lips long enough Savannah trees have become bare Time is nigh for the breaking dawn The call is loud Listen! Time has changed Move! The tales of the traveler Are reminders of strive. They hold his chest of pride. Sweat is bitter yet bores sweet. […]

*Voiceless Voices*

  The voices of the unspoken Send shrills to our spines broken By our failure to sail our fleet To the direction where peace sleeps. For sake we fail to understand, Ignorance, above storming clouds, Reigns!! In blindness do we forget that The spirits of mountains lie in the depth of valleys The oceans is […]

Sweet Soul*

  Touch me and feel the shock. Hold me so I won’t fall. I am but a statue I bend from your love’s pull. Caress my heart And cool my blood. Own my soul And sing the songs of old. I will dance to your soothing hymn. My blood shall follow its rhythm. Oh ! […]