*Few Falls*

  The sun peeps Spreading glimpses of hope Love speaks The blind gain not from both. Take a step Fall deep down the drains. The hurt Is a mirror of your gains. Console The heart is heavy Control The cries repel tragedy. Bruises hold tales of success. Few falls are steps.Take the next. ¬©Lansah Lawrence […]

*Cold Winds*

When all cool winds blow down the south Cracking northen lips long enough Savannah trees have become bare Time is nigh for the breaking dawn The call is loud Listen! Time has changed Move! The tales of the traveler Are reminders of strive. They hold his chest of pride. Sweat is bitter yet bores sweet. […]

A King’s Dance

  I got stamina Running helter skelter From the ghost shadows My past breathes in anger I am, that all blames follow. Stand still And catch of breath, a feel. The horizon air whistles The hoarse tongue of past pages Yet I hear the silence spoken. The tongue of the future is soothing. Amidst wranglings […]