*Remember Yourself*

In days of dilemma Chasing from the ghost Of weighting worries In the shades of thy shadows Hidden in the shrubs of thy nursery Nursing bruises of downing doubts Forgotten in thy personal persona Closing curtains on thy sunshine I remind thee, O fellow To remember thyself For the glory you seek And thy story […]


Dead asleep In the bossom of pages Folded in the palm Of the wisdom of ages The seeker shall find The finder shall know Secrets Buried in dried caresses Unsung dirges for warmth Man strays in gleeful lost. The seeker shall find The finder shall know Secrets Opened in books. 《 Lansah Lawrence 》 June, […]

*Little Lady*

Little lady Adorned in the spirits Of the African beads Your story is blessed Your birth saw smile beams Your first cry tickled the buds of joy Bathed in the fragrance of flowers Suckling sweet from mother’s breast Destined to be of women, the best You will be the African woman Glowing in pride and […]


Packs of stone Rolling down steep Mountains of soft skin In obsessed feeling From deep the hair’s root Down the spine’s line To the butt’s breaking A gleeful finger slides. god and goddess The sensation is worship Rocks on curves The friction is sweet ! 《 Lansah Lawrence 》 April , 2018 lansah.wordpress.com

*The Beautiful Ones*

Look out there Point me those beautiful Tell me their true tales. You do find none ! The world is a clown Feeding the audience lies Of the tales of those beautiful. The joke is lost in laughter. Shun the make ups Beauty is not made up Shun the camera flicks Beauty is no captive. […]


  Twisting turns Destined opposite paths The mid holds a point. Two travelers In wander against tides Worn out in life’s pinches Life’s end holds no stitches Hope speaks in fear’s chokes Fear reigns in fright of hope Man sinks deep in quick sand Withering on the crossroad. Heroes live beyond death’s call Cowards die […]