*Black Maiden*

Your shadow speaks elegance Oh Fairy ! In the gleam of the rising sun You stroll briskly towards the dam in glowing yawns Awakening sleeping butterflies. Your waist beads chatter in glittering spikes That brews sparkling confidence Sending strong signals of streaming supremacy over savouring strangers. You walk with the rythm of fairies And grace […]

Morning Move

The dawn dews make few falls The early cock crows woke you The silent sands you swift sweep The three clay friends await your visit The earthen pot relish your caress It is day break, You’re risen! The river path savour your grace Snores of sleeping siblings swerve your pause Wishing they broke silence longer […]


Harmattan The rains have stopped a while The sun roars out a challenge ” Now who to stop me ?” The tress are undressed except the ever shy mango The green fields are red and brown and then yellow Like a chameleon for fear of the earth trembling from It’s footsteeps, running among the shoulders […]