Tredding thin threads of trust Miming words of caution The believer travels the rope Hanging above sharp steel Of drowning streched arms Into viscous valleys​ of foil. The fall speaks tales of flaws Buried under the foam of kinship Must tiny sparkles spread latter Across laden foam of thickened blood ? The fall speaks tales […]

*Lovely Thoughts*

  Adorn me with respite. For despite your fights to draw a smile from my face. I wish for the plight of a frown. Sweetheart. How sweet your heart tastes .I bet the honey in the comb remains in jealousy of your sweetness my honey . I yearn to kneel before the confession box to […]

*Black Maiden*

Your shadow speaks elegance Oh Fairy ! In the gleam of the rising sun You stroll briskly towards the dam in glowing yawns Awakening sleeping butterflies. Your waist beads chatter in glittering spikes That brews sparkling confidence Sending strong signals of streaming supremacy over savouring strangers. You walk with the rythm of fairies And grace […]


  On the island of love I feel lost in wilderness Of everlasting happiness. Stranded. Amidst shrubs and torns That prick reminders of my flaws I feel the guilt of Adam in Eden. Shaken: I feel the branches of Everest trees Pointing cold fingers of blame At my lame plea for forgiveness. In doubt, Do […]

Sweet Soul*

  Touch me and feel the shock. Hold me so I won’t fall. I am but a statue I bend from your love’s pull. Caress my heart And cool my blood. Own my soul And sing the songs of old. I will dance to your soothing hymn. My blood shall follow its rhythm. Oh ! […]

You By Me

Touch my soul You that lay beside me In our bed of struggle. Pull over me the blanket. Give me cover from the Cold tickles of our fears Give me the tap of hope Sing me a lullaby to sleep And remind me of morrow’s shine. When we wake We shall wear the smiles Of […]