Time Will Tell

  How we swing up the street Holding hands in love’s keep Climbing up his hill And hoping we meet its peak Falling pebbles.Stumbling stones The climb is not so a joke. Safe arrival still holding hands ? We will tell. ¬©Lansah Lawrence Dec. 2016 lansah.wordpress.com Advertisements

Voice From The Call

  Hello there ! Can you hear ? I carry your voice Through thick tunnels To iching ears. The other end may speak. I take blame For your good news . And for your celebrations, You may scold me. All good to your ear From the waves, blame me . Forget not to praise me […]

A King’s Dance

  I got stamina Running helter skelter From the ghost shadows My past breathes in anger I am, that all blames follow. Stand still And catch of breath, a feel. The horizon air whistles The hoarse tongue of past pages Yet I hear the silence spoken. The tongue of the future is soothing. Amidst wranglings […]

Sing Your Song

  Life is but a stage That awaits your mount. Time turns foe with age The tick of the clock counts Today lingers in betrayal When the sun rides over. The moon is but a cover Of friendship lost with Day. The stage awaits you You are your artist Take grip of your pen And […]