You Are Hope

  Have you seen the beauty of the sun When he rides out in beam chariots From the  smiley faces of the east ??   Have you noticed the moon Yawning out of the day’s tire When she rode with the sun??   What about the stars that twinkle ?? Take a time and watch […]

The Past We Come From 2

The past we come from Holds tight the reminiscence The blood bond our ancestors Rode on through the struggles for freedom. The past we come from Brews our unity and strength And eulogizes the blood spill of our fathers So we can today, be free. The past we come from Speaks of times forgotten Times […]

You By Me

Touch my soul You that lay beside me In our bed of struggle. Pull over me the blanket. Give me cover from the Cold tickles of our fears Give me the tap of hope Sing me a lullaby to sleep And remind me of morrow’s shine. When we wake We shall wear the smiles Of […]

When Legon Sleeps

In my drone of imagination, i flew over the brown sheets of the  Romantic Vandal city down to the spiritual Baccus garden where i paused to mark my route and breathe in the fragrance of the sweet scented flowers Baccus nursed. My route marked, i flew low amidst salutes from old mahogany trees down the […]