Once In A Lifetime: Gono !!!

Have you ever experienced an event you may not witness again in your lifetime?? Well , this is one event i am most  certain, i will experience no more after today till i leave UG.

Apart from attaining the big boy and legal age , 18, the chance of witnessing an event for only once in one’s life time is very meagre especially when we dont’ plan it ourselves. Even matriculation comes with graduation. So when the roars of valiant men called to witness a most certain once in a  lifetime event, i ran out like a guinea fowl who survived a first slaughter, leaving the breakfast i was preparing at noon.

I ran down the stairs to join a swarm of cheerful , bare chested , and hungry bees , hurrying down to the calling voices that promised a lump of honey. Our most respected Chief had a lamp to present for feast in his last days on the stool. As we knelt for the last rituals to Baccus before the give-away, we licked our fingers with the outmost eagerness of a child in Savelugu waiting in line for a box of pizza , the white missionaries had brought for Easter.

After the long wait , our dish was served . Per our customs, we didnt pounce on the sacrificial lamp , atleast not yet. So like the Roman soldiers of Jerusalem , we took our lamp down the streets of Legon in a kingly style. Though half naked, in his last days probably , and with a face that wore hopelessness, he enjoyed our royal carriage of morale chants and horroric threats.Even the curious spectators we amassed , who tried taking photos , saw our hungry wrath. We climaxed our parade with a last minute number of rounds around the Mekki Abbas’s roundabout amidst cheers and applauses even Usain Bolt never received.

Amidst rising tensions and growing fear of an ugly brutal scence , our Chief turned back , so we followed, like a flock of sheep behind their mother after a sumptous graze, and our lamp sweating profusely in the uncertainty of his future, towards the Dean. The chants grew louder, suprisingly, though we grew famished. We dropped the lamp at the feet of the Dean , hoping the lamp would face the legal knife of the Dean. He was lucky, i know he knew.

We sang on our morale songs behind our Chief , after a service to Legon,  back to our humble abode , where Truth Stands.

© Lansah Lawrence
Nov. 2016


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