Infant harvest: The seedling’s growth Is cut short by the tie Of the veil and chains Of merciless zabla. The angel of death rips The soul of my childhood. And places the corpse of my body In the dungeon of marriage. I am unfound at the playgrounds. It’s my turn to skip the rope But […]


Tredding thin threads of trust Miming words of caution The believer travels the rope Hanging above sharp steel Of drowning streched arms Into viscous valleys​ of foil. The fall speaks tales of flaws Buried under the foam of kinship Must tiny sparkles spread latter Across laden foam of thickened blood ? The fall speaks tales […]

Voice From The Call

  Hello there ! Can you hear ? I carry your voice Through thick tunnels To iching ears. The other end may speak. I take blame For your good news . And for your celebrations, You may scold me. All good to your ear From the waves, blame me . Forget not to praise me […]