Fallen leaflets Holding​ on to dying hope Over hostile marbles Dead stalks. Green Giving way To brown: Decay. A pleaser for life’s frown. Falling hopes Gives ways for rising dirges Console is silent foam. Deepened trenches. ©Lansah Lawrence June 29, 2017. lansah.wordpress.com Advertisements


Infant harvest: The seedling’s growth Is cut short by the tie Of the veil and chains Of merciless zabla. The angel of death rips The soul of my childhood. And places the corpse of my body In the dungeon of marriage. I am unfound at the playgrounds. It’s my turn to skip the rope But […]


Ahmed Bello Indeed everything’s​ but Nawuni Yiko So continue to grow And we promise to everywhere follow. Not because we’re blinded on our own paths But because you teach that We shall be Nation Champions When we follow our hearts. Yours words ” Trust in me”. So Tikuzami. Because you make us happy With your […]


In your bossom Lies the beauty Of unity of the Maker And peace for mankind. You are the beacon That sparkles hope So we may climb the rope Our Creator dropped so we may find our way back home. In your eyes lies the light That guides us on life’s path. So we may not […]


Night rides over day Though it’s lights do Shine lesser for man. The wait for takeover Lives the ages of dark skies That boast of stars therein. Yet forgets the stars shines of the sun’s beams. The sun sits deep down the east With a strong heart for a rise at dawn And sings the […]