Fallen leaflets Holding​ on to dying hope Over hostile marbles Dead stalks. Green Giving way To brown: Decay. A pleaser for life’s frown. Falling hopes Gives ways for rising dirges Console is silent foam. Deepened trenches. ©Lansah Lawrence June 29, 2017. lansah.wordpress.com Advertisements


In your bossom Lies the beauty Of unity of the Maker And peace for mankind. You are the beacon That sparkles hope So we may climb the rope Our Creator dropped so we may find our way back home. In your eyes lies the light That guides us on life’s path. So we may not […]

The Village Night

The darkness of the night Gives way to darkened darkness. The stories told around the fire Now ride on the chariots of fleeing fireflies. The stools are overturned And the fires sleep under ashes. The earthenware pot resting on the caresses of cunning cockroaches, Savours the scent and holds tight to the slippery okro Whose […]

*Vain Size*

The silence of the tree Is steady growth. No need To groan so all do know It’s root tighter now holds. The voice of the drum Travels far. Not by its size But the melody of its tune. The grain holds an atom’s might. Yet in it lies multitudes Of man’s grace. No food is […]

*Black Maiden*

Your shadow speaks elegance Oh Fairy ! In the gleam of the rising sun You stroll briskly towards the dam in glowing yawns Awakening sleeping butterflies. Your waist beads chatter in glittering spikes That brews sparkling confidence Sending strong signals of streaming supremacy over savouring strangers. You walk with the rythm of fairies And grace […]


  On the island of love I feel lost in wilderness Of everlasting happiness. Stranded. Amidst shrubs and torns That prick reminders of my flaws I feel the guilt of Adam in Eden. Shaken: I feel the branches of Everest trees Pointing cold fingers of blame At my lame plea for forgiveness. In doubt, Do […]

*Cold Winds*

When all cool winds blow down the south Cracking northen lips long enough Savannah trees have become bare Time is nigh for the breaking dawn The call is loud Listen! Time has changed Move! The tales of the traveler Are reminders of strive. They hold his chest of pride. Sweat is bitter yet bores sweet. […]