In your bossom Lies the beauty Of unity of the Maker And peace for mankind. You are the beacon That sparkles hope So we may climb the rope Our Creator dropped so we may find our way back home. In your eyes lies the light That guides us on life’s path. So we may not […]

*Voiceless Voices*

  The voices of the unspoken Send shrills to our spines broken By our failure to sail our fleet To the direction where peace sleeps. For sake we fail to understand, Ignorance, above storming clouds, Reigns!! In blindness do we forget that The spirits of mountains lie in the depth of valleys The oceans is […]

The Past We Come From 2

The past we come from Holds tight the reminiscence The blood bond our ancestors Rode on through the struggles for freedom. The past we come from Brews our unity and strength And eulogizes the blood spill of our fathers So we can today, be free. The past we come from Speaks of times forgotten Times […]