*Cold Winds*

When all cool winds blow down the south Cracking northen lips long enough Savannah trees have become bare Time is nigh for the breaking dawn The call is loud Listen! Time has changed Move! The tales of the traveler Are reminders of strive. They hold his chest of pride. Sweat is bitter yet bores sweet. […]

You Are Hope

  Have you seen the beauty of the sun When he rides out in beam chariots From the ¬†smiley faces of the east ??   Have you noticed the moon Yawning out of the day’s tire When she rode with the sun??   What about the stars that twinkle ?? Take a time and watch […]

Remind me

  Before tolling bells stay mute And echoes of hymn flutes That hinges on sailing air Send spiral shots to spines: statued ! That I am of them that err Before old sun goes to bed Never again to visit the west And all he wakes, sleep on Remind me,whose feet I trampled So I […]