Remind me

  Before tolling bells stay mute And echoes of hymn flutes That hinges on sailing air Send spiral shots to spines: statued ! That I am of them that err Before old sun goes to bed Never again to visit the west And all he wakes, sleep on Remind me,whose feet I trampled So I […]

Who is the best

  Cease fire and cease frowns The sharpest mouth wears no crown He who thinks he’s best Point to me your seed grown Bring forth she who’s fairest Let her mirror speak the truth The best be man Who speaks none but truth He is his brother’s keeper And the seedlings, he keeps from wither […]

Much I Do

  The tear drops of the boy in blue Under the scorch of the angry sun, Sends to my soul silent shrills My hands meet my pocket Bare feet to the mercy of the tar His belly speaks the worst And yells at the dominance Of the selfish air which seeks balance : Empty can!! […]

My Lady

Like the storm over granite stones Your smile washes my sobs away When our eyes meet I feel gushes down the depth Of the wells of my heart Your embrace_ my bae Brings me summer and winter And when you let go I don’t want the spring break What is it like? The feeling When […]