*The mystery of a Leg girl( hair style)*


*Have you ever understood fully or partiallyac3e67723d84d6593978f5afaa61ab07 the factors that influence the hairstyle of a Leg girl ? Have you observed any pattern ?? Well, if you didn’t know,the Leg girl doesn’t just wear any hairstyle for wearing sake.*

Find out the pattern…

University of Ghana, Legon, year in year out, admits the most brilliant and intelligent shs graduates across the country .
It’s a popular opinion if you want GH beautiful ladies, go to Legon. I am of the same view. Legon has pretty ladies and the average guy student gets dazzled right from the door of his room by the flashes of leg mermaids strolling sweetly by except Commonwealth boys.

I also agree with the saying that ” the beauty of a woman lies in her hair” , I’m sure the ladies too agree. A lady who is a lady, gives more attention to her hair more than her WhatsApp messages. The hair is number one even when she is sleeping. True or false ?

Now the pattern..

*The patterns of hairstyle goes along with the levels of these damsels on campus. Believe it or not , it’s a fact. It is level 100, 200, and the rest(300 and upper).*

Level 100: if our memories serve us right, we all remember back in shs, girls didn’t grow their hairs. In fact, some actually wore the famous ‘sakora’ in school. So how the chaw hair now ?? It’s simple, every level 100 Leg girl/lady *must* have hair and sake of six months or so after WASSCE may not guarantee most girls the optimum amount of natural hair for maximum beauty, raster, cornrow raster, twisted braids, and others are the hairstyles to seek refuge, comfort, and confidence in.
We all hail the originators of these hairstyles.

*We thank God for the success in level 100 and we pray for more now that we are in level 200.*

A Leg lady in 200 returns to campus with a much grown and improved natural hair. Well, a year after ‘sakora’ promises some big amount of natural hair,so we hit the saloons to go next level with our hairs. This is where you’ll see all the Blowout, Bantu knot out, Define curl, Frohawk, Mohawk, Twist, Afro, High puff, Pineapple hair style and a lot more.
Some one actually exclaimed after seeing a bunch of Level 200 mates after lectures, ” eeih Leg girls and twist, forhawk, high puff, pineapple hair style and the Bantu knot out, why are you Bantus ?

*Level 200 always promises to be fun; relationships become stronger, the advices from home become to wither, guys start to grow,courses become bit difficult, and our(ladies) hair become the envy of our eyes.*

Finally, in the last class which I call the rest(300 and upper). They are over with wasting time on the hair. “This is now time for packaging for both internal and external investors so no kiddy stuff.”
It is true they have spent two years on the style of hair so no more chaw attention is given to it . This class of Leg ladies usually stick to the usual natural long hair styles and add a touch of *make up*. They are done !! “Big girls spend time on the hair but bigger ladies gotta master the art of make up.” You know right !

So the guys, whenever you spy a Leg lady ‘saaa’ or you muster the courage to approach her, don’t ask her level, just check her hairstyle out and your guess will be as good as mine. You’ll score 9/10.

*I love Legon ladies.*


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