*The Top Five Singers in Northern Ghana.*

15590186_735775576570907_4783803494824386906_nNorthern music over the years has produced quite a number of very good lyricist and singers ranging from the big names of old; Abu Sadick, Sirina Issah and co to contemporary artistes such as Don Sigli, Lamalee and IsRahim.

Singing is core in music as evident from ancient times.The art involves strong lyrics, vocal, style and flair.

Healthy competition is healthy for any music industry, and so, many have attempted comparing singers in the northern music industry.

Well, forget all you have heard for this, is the truth.

First on the list for the Top Five Singers from 2016 is Fancy Gadam.

Fancy Gadam, has no doubt proven that he is the best singer in the northern industry. His lyrics are always on point, vivid, and
strong. Fancy Gadam sings like not singing, and that is the magic about his singing. He doesn’t have the best of voices but his melodies are always soothing and his lyrics as well as his styles of delivery make all his listeners singers. In a rapper’s palance, you’ll say ” he murders all beats”. In his single hits Takahi and Nawuni Yiko , you can hear the smooth and sweet delivery of his lyrics just like the orthodox singer: sweet soft voice and melody. Whiles in his Champion Boy and Tikuzami hit singles, you feel the rough voice of Fancy Gadam with his strong lyrics. Who is more versatile in singing than him ? Fancy Gadam even murders his colleagues who feature him in their tracks; #5Lessons from Israhim and #Jeje from One9ra are there for you . He deservedly takes the number one spot.

Number two spot goes to the grandpa of northern singers -Don Sigli.

Many would argue he took the number one spot for his voice and lyrics but singing goes beyond just the two. However, Don Sigli is undoubtedly a very good singer and an asset for northen music. His hits after hits from old times to date always have his fans in awe. His voice is his number one asset. Don Sigli comes with very good lyrics too and mostly all his tracks are hits. His latest biggest hit #Wumpini and cover up track #Nasara attest to his vocal and lyrical dexterity. He is not number one because of his dormant versatility however, he gives us a jist of what he can do in a feature with Double Tee #ChopAm. His style is classic.
As said, singing is an ancient art and has been defined and appreciated by many to date. Very good singers have always achieved great successes. Mention can be made of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Wizkid, P-Square and many more across the globe. This means we have lots of examples to assess ours.

The list continues…

Number three spot goes to the Mama Born King star; One9ra.

One9ra was relatively unknown until the latter parts of 2016. Hitherto, he had released #InShaaAllah with the legend Kawastone. The Boss Family singer is new and growing very fast in the industry. His singing prowess is his greatest strengths. One9ra with his Nigerian accent has a good voice and is maturing in his lyrics. He is composed and undoubtedly has a great future in the art. The #Jeje hitmaker controls his melodies and is apt in delivery. You can rely on him for a very good verses and chorus in any track. His track #NewDay and #WhoBiDatBabe with Double Tee attest to that. He is growing steadily and can take over soon. Focus should be his focus.

Riding still on lyrics, vocal, style and flair, IsRahim sits number four on the chart of the top five singers in northern music.

The #Biegya champion has sent strong signal of his singing skills to music lovers. IsRahim with lyrics, is good . His melodies are superb and his voice, a versatile element. He is like Gadam, usually a comparism he avoids , in delivery but is static and a not so fast a learner. The #5Lessons hitmaker has lots of potential in the art and the industry with an ambitious management.

Number five on the Top Five Singers in Northern Music Industry is Kawastone .

The veteran singer is one of the best ever singers the northern industry has even produced. His expertise in singing is as evident as the sun on a sunny day. His lyrics are always on point and his voice delivery is always apt. Kawastone presents singing in a very orthodox style. His flair has slacked off over the years due to a short period of retirement from the art. The legend is however back with #InShaaAllah with One9ra, #NawuniKatiDumba with Maccasio both tracks which show that though he is old, he is gold.

This rounds up the chart of the Top Five Singers in Northern Music Industry.

The writer, Lansah Lawrence, is a fan of good music and a student of arts with keen interest in the stir within the northern industry.

Northern music is growing and so the expectations of its fans are rising. Healthy competition is keeping the artistes on their toes to produce only thier best. Music fans should look out for Lamalee and the latest singing sensation, Afro Ma Nigger. Catch up will happen soon.

North must grow !!



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