Ahmed Bello Indeed everything’s​ but Nawuni Yiko So continue to grow And we promise to everywhere follow. Not because we’re blinded on our own paths But because you teach that We shall be Nation Champions When we follow our hearts. Yours words ” Trust in me”. So Tikuzami. Because you make us happy With your […]


In your bossom Lies the beauty Of unity of the Maker And peace for mankind. You are the beacon That sparkles hope So we may climb the rope Our Creator dropped so we may find our way back home. In your eyes lies the light That guides us on life’s path. So we may not […]


Night rides over day Though it’s lights do Shine lesser for man. The wait for takeover Lives the ages of dark skies That boast of stars therein. Yet forgets the stars shines of the sun’s beams. The sun sits deep down the east With a strong heart for a rise at dawn And sings the […]


Tredding thin threads of trust Miming words of caution The believer travels the rope Hanging above sharp steel Of drowning streched arms Into viscous valleys​ of foil. The fall speaks tales of flaws Buried under the foam of kinship Must tiny sparkles spread latter Across laden foam of thickened blood ? The fall speaks tales […]

*Lovely Thoughts*

  Adorn me with respite. For despite your fights to draw a smile from my face. I wish for the plight of a frown. Sweetheart. How sweet your heart tastes .I bet the honey in the comb remains in jealousy of your sweetness my honey . I yearn to kneel before the confession box to […]

The Village Night

The darkness of the night Gives way to darkened darkness. The stories told around the fire Now ride on the chariots of fleeing fireflies. The stools are overturned And the fires sleep under ashes. The earthenware pot resting on the caresses of cunning cockroaches, Savours the scent and holds tight to the slippery okro Whose […]

*Vain Size*

The silence of the tree Is steady growth. No need To groan so all do know It’s root tighter now holds. The voice of the drum Travels far. Not by its size But the melody of its tune. The grain holds an atom’s might. Yet in it lies multitudes Of man’s grace. No food is […]