Dear Fancy Gadam,
I hope this letter meets your in your brightest smiles Star boy . The 5M crew too is in a good shape, I hope, plus all the nationals. I’m writing to express my fears and anxiety over your ambitions towards the upcoming annual music awards officially recognized as the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards( VGMA ).
But before , I intend to express my excitement over your unprecedented achievements throughout the year 2017 beginning with your enviable victory in winning the VGMA New Act of the Year 2017. Indeed you have proven to be and earned our trust to steer the northern music vehicle across our regional borders and beyond our motherland Ghana. Your MUJAHID album launch, Double Rave Concert and the history remaking Sallah Fest shows in the then Tamale Sports Stadium re-echoed your dominance and the overwhelming love from us( day one fans and northern brothers and sisters). Even when some of us doubted your chances for successes outside the Northern Region, you unprecedentedly staged two mammoth shows in Kumasi and the most recent in the nation capital, Accra at the Bukum Boxing Arena.
Your Total Cheat song which featured Sarkodie is undoubtedly magical hence it’s unsurprising hit nation wide with a northern record of more than 100 000 views on YouTube. I was with great joy when I heard many people singing the song line to line when Sarkodie performed it in his latest visit to Legon campus during it’s SRC Week celebration. Everybody sings to Total Cheat and that’s a fact. But let’s face this fact too, today is exactly 5 months and 16 days since you released the track with it’s video at your Double Rave Concert in Tamale. Since, it has remained your headline track on any show your performed or organized since July , running through your album launch to your recent concert at the Bukum Boxing Arena. Since then, Sarkodie has released a worldwide renowned album, Highest, Stonebwoy released an album after a chunk of hit songs eg My Name, Hero, etc as well as Ebony Reigns who has stormed the nation with a major hit after the other unceasingly.
It is no secret your ambition to win the ultimate VGMA Artist of the Year 2018 as you have on countless media platforms expressed your desire and enviable CV to win the prestigious award. I do not intend to appear pessimistic but one hit song will prove herculean to win the prestigious award especially as you are northern based, you winning the New Act of the Year initially surrounded by controversy, as well as works of colleague and A-rated artists nationwide . You won the New Act based on your works in 2016 and accompanying hit songs with the support and loyalty of your fans . You stole our hearts and kept them such that when other expressed disappointment in Charter House in your victory, we had your works to argue why you deserved the award. You can win your desired award but you may not deserve it. This is from a fan and if your songs were WASSCE examination, I would score all As. Your shows enrich your CV, no doubt. So do Stonebwoy’s and so will Sarkodie’s upcoming Rapperholic concert.
I want you to win. In fact, you should have seen my joy when I played your Nation Champion to my mates who had not heard your name on the night of the VGMA 2016. You have our support as always but show others why you deserve the award with another hit song. We have awaited one since July and now is the right time. Rumors have it you intend to release your track, Customer, featuring Nigeria’s Patoranking in January so you can add it to your next year’s CV. That won’t be a good move. Maybe your fans have over waited another banger from you which explains our pessimism and desperation. You’ve done it before so do it again Mujahid. Let us sing again, let’s us dance again, let us vote again, and let us win again, deservedly. Tikuzami Tibijohira !!

Your fan.



  1. Facts must be told U are actually a true fan.
    I have been waiting for this from someone but to no avail.
    Abdul-Somed Gbantira is my name Former Dabba PRO

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