In the shadows of darkness
Feeling fine air from flying fingers
Under white coated ceilings
The night skies from view are hidden
Dark heads remain in agony for slumber

Fragile feet grasp for repose
Hot breaths of tire escape the nails’ prisons
The spine lies gently on hard cushion
Yet sleep dreams far away in cozy breezes.

The restless mind journeys
Through the valleys of failure
Between mountains of strive.
Eyes see stars smile softly
As the traveler sinks deep in the oceans of fear.

Counting losses
Reminiscing sweet dreams lived in sleep
Teeth grinding bits of missed opportunities
The sinking gets deep !

Where’s sleep as the saviour ?
Hope lies only after repose
For it’s snores that summon the breaking dawn.
Hope lies only after repose
So let sleep come , O Maker !

© Lansah Lawrence
October, 2017 .


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