*Lovely Thoughts*


Adorn me with respitedownload. For despite your fights to draw a smile from my face. I wish for the plight of a frown. Sweetheart.

How sweet your heart tastes .I bet the honey in the comb remains in jealousy of your sweetness my honey .

I yearn to kneel before the confession box to confess the sins of my love for you
But you are no Father so be the mother of our children.

What beauty will the forgiveness of such sin be in these blessings !!

Be the balance in my life so when we sit on the beam balance, the logic of maths will be defeated for our mass will be of two hearts as one.A hearty❤kilogram.

Save your smiles so I can spend a lifetime tracing the bits of my love in your heart that beats with smiles that make a glow on your dimples.

Simply , just smile 😊. That alone is enough to make every Monday a Sabbath day so we live the fury of a hectic week ahead with little soft kisses and a drive through the roads of our fantasies.

Hold my hands and let’s take a dive down the cliff. Our mattress of blossom love and lasting happiness awaits us at the bottom. There, no harm can do us any harm. It would just be me and you .

I love our fights. It just shows how much you want me to be Mr. Right. I like your anger cause it makes me miss your smile. I long more to catch another glimpse of such beauty.

If I ever meet you, this would be our story.❤❤

© Lansah Lawrence
April, 2017.


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