*At 60 , My Voice.*


On the everest of joy
And the malfeasance in freedom
I have railed the ways towards the dream
I lived within the womb of my colonial mother.

I am sixty and I am a man.
From the vibrance of a teenage
Amidst fouls of youthful curiosity
And challenges of menopaused wives,
I have raised the children we bore.

Posterity be my judge.
The father I am is not perfect
But I will be perfect a father
To fill the bellies of my offsprings
And dress them with lasting smiles
Not in pauses. I know.

So I am sixty and growing
If I did better, more would I be glowing
But as long as you keep me alive
I shall not waver on my rail to every father’s dream :
The best for his children.

I could blame times I was in pieces
But no!! I urge, just keep me with peace.


© Lansah Lawrence

March 6, 2017.HAMDAN 20170306_101830.jpg



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