16174551_356740978041791_8594038931689754974_nIt is without any iota of doubt that Ghanaians have strongly accepted and hugely patronised your annual awards event dubbed the VGMA in recent times.

The enthusiam which clouds this annual event causes a lot of euphoria among music lovers across the country.Notwithstanding some strict approach to dealing with some artists relating to conduct and ethics,music loyals have firm confidence in you to come forth with the most fair of results as you have done in past years.

This year’s event uncovers with the same amount of euphoria with lots of stories proceeding your official nominations. More so, your upcoming event is bound for more patronage largely due to the influx of the northern art.

2016 lived to be a very fruitful year for Northern music from the breakthrough of its artists, massive concerts to the growth of the fan base. The year experienced massive breakthrough from the north in artists such as SAANI , Maccasio and most prominently Fancy Gadam. Also, the biggest shows in Ghana were staged in Tamale,the capital of the Northern Region, with the Nawuni Yeko Album Launch,69 Peace Concert, Davido Vrs Ataaka, Gadam Nation x Bhim Nation Concert, Operation Suhudoo, and The All White Peace Concert, which brought down the curtains for the year. It is important to bring to your notice that all these shows recorded not less than 1000 populace and were all sold out at the Tamale Sports Stadium with exception of The All White Peace Concert, which was a free show. The fans stood resolutely behind the artists which is evidenced in the increase of followers of the big artists on social media, the enthusiasm surrounding the release of new tracks from artists, as well as the profession of big names in Ghana such as Stonebwoy,Shatta Wale and even Davido from Nigeria at the marvel of the crowd that patronized their shows.

Northern music in 2016 undoubtedly presented a strong force to reckon and we, it’s loyal fans,appreciate the recognition nation wide so far. However we look up to you in your next event to give Northern Art the due recognition for the unmatched achievements nation wide. It would be too much to ask for the maiden award of the Over all Artist of the Year award to journey up north this year but not unfair. However, we wish to make a fair plea for your unmatched fair attention, diligence, and professionalism in the forth coming event . It is our firm belief that should you exhibit fairness and professionalism, the New Act of the Year Award shall duely journey up north.

Our Man of the Year, the Concrete hit maker, Fancy Gadam, who couples as the Jigwe New Act of the Year and the Bass Awards New Act of the Year, as well as the record holder,nation wide, for the most sold out Album Launch in the history of Ghana( Nawuni Yeko Album), the NMA Artist of the Year, is our most poised candidate for the prestigious award and we believe that, the whole country attests to the fact that he is the most deservedly artist for the award. Fancy Gadam in 2016 made a nation wide breakthrough after years of dominance in the North with his hit single, Concrete.Since, he has become the talk of the media , taking his Peace Concert across the three regions of Northern Ghana, releasing hits after hits such as his Biegya version,Champion Boy, and most recently, We Dey Collect hit single. He has also featured with big names such as Bastero, Flowking Stone, and represented the North in the nation peace song with the likes of Edem,Mzvee,and E.L as well as Zeal of VVIP. He broke all gap between North and South in music when he staged his most famous Gadam Nation Concert in National Theater in Accra, the nation’s capital. He is currently the ambassador of Rasta Choco and Trust TV for the North.

Fancy Gadam is our candidate for the enviable award, and just like the nation looked up to the EC till the last tick, we music loyals watch with eagle eyes your proceedings and hope that just like the EC , you will come up with the most fair of results.

It is of firm stance that even when Medikal and the rest may seem to be in a comfortable lead, we shall cruise to victory at the end with truth and professionalism.

We believe this is opportunity for you to live your commitment to recognizing and appreciating good music and hard work across the country.

We watch closely with hope. Thank you.




  1. The eye and pride of the North has done well and even his colleagues like maccasio and Co made a mark in the history of Ghana as far as northern music and the whole music standard is concerned. We count on you
    .. Shatter house

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  2. Well said cause if not for fancy gadam anka no Southerner will here if the northern artist so its fairly the new act of de year goes to him for his hardwork throughout the Yr and what even amazed me was that he staged a peace concert show at the tamale stadium for free and this is something we don’t see often in Ghana hr..

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  3. It doesn’t come any better than this, you are on point and i share in everything that you have said.May the north be given its fair share of the awards this time around.Fancy Gadam is the sure bet for new artist of the year at the vgma this year.May be he might even surprise many by getting additional awards.

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  4. *Northern Ghana deserve it*

    Thank you Mr Lansah, u ‘ ve spoken well, we look up to them for a credible award this season

    *Fancy must win*

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  5. Fancy gadam is an artist who is mainly concerned with his music career and with that he made northern region proud for the past year (2016). So we the northerners are proud of him. He deserved the new artist of the year award

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  6. Well said in all aspect,we all saw and heard what #Fancy did throughout the year,there is no doubt that he deserve the artist of the year

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